Camp Launch Weekend Schedule Did we say this was going to be CRAZY busy?
Don't worry, we have fun along the way, too!


Starting in the evening, we will jump start our weekend with a founders panel, discussion of Camp Labs Launch Weekend culture, and pre-planning for Friday’s big work day.


We divide into mini-teams to work on one of eight topic areas, then re-convene hourly to update progress and challenges.



We push hard through our business building by mini-team and work blocks, wrap things up in the afternoon, and celebrate with a final presentation and party!

Business Development Work Areas

Business Founding & Legal

We will make sure the business is setup correctly, and has its legal framework in place.

Hiring & Training

Establishing hiring and training processes will help guarantee the Founders find the right team.

Marketing, Branding & Sales

Marketing is fun, sales is key! Building both systems will help find and retain campers.

Fundraising & Partnership

Raising money and building partnerships keeps thing moving forward while building the business.

Risk Management & Regulation

Understanding the insurance, risk management, and regulatory environments and setting up policies help keep everyone safe.

Program Development

Camp people are good at this, and with the Founder’s goals in mind, we will set up a schedule and program architecture.

Camper Management

We will help intentionally develop documents and guidelines to create a culture and community around the campers.

Budgeting, Pricing, & Bookkeeping

Wrong price = out of business. Together, we will build pro-forma P&Ls, budgets, and set the camp’s price to be successful in the short- and long-term.