Welcome to Camp Labs Making Camp Startup Dreams Real

Camp Labs’ mission is to make life-changing impacts on communities by helping aspiring founders build new youth-focused businesses. Camp Labs is a non-profit, with the goal of one million kids in new camps.

  • Kids Need Camp… ….more than ever. No matter what background or financial situation, kids benefit from the connections and screen-free experiences camp can bring to them and their families.
  • Starting A Business Is Hard… …and nobody should have to do it alone. So we will be there to help.
  • This is a whole new way to view Camp. Working on the business of camp through the startup lens is unique and exciting. Join us!
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    Camp Launch Weekend

    January 23-25, 2020

    At Camp Granite Lake near Denver, Colorado

    Not a Conference | More Than a Workshop | Real Life Impact
     1 New Camp Launched
    January 23 – 25 in Golden, Colorado
    Founder Application Deadline: December 13
    Participant Application Deadline: January 10 (Limit 12)

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