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Camp Labs’ mission is to make life-changing impacts on communities by helping aspiring founders build new youth-focused businesses. Camp Labs is a non-profit, with the goal of one million kids in new camps.

  • Kids Need Camp… ….more than ever. No matter what background or financial situation, kids benefit from the connections and screen-free experiences camp can bring to them and their families.
  • Starting A Business Is Hard… …and nobody should have to do it alone. So we will be there to help.
  • This is a whole new way to view Camp. Working on the business of camp through the startup lens is unique and exciting. Join us!
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    Camp Launch Weekend

    January 23-25, 2020

    At Camp Granite Lake near Denver, Colorado

    Not a Conference | More Than a Workshop | Real Life Impact
     1 New Camp Launched
    January 23 – 25 in Golden, Colorado
    Founder Application Deadline: December 13
    Participant Application Deadline: January 10 (Limit 12)

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    Report: October 2019 Launch Weekend

    Mother/daughter team Joni & Jessica were accepted as a Camp Labs Launch Weekend Startup. They found themselves at a snowy retreat in the foothills of Colorado, with a small group of passionate supporters who wanted to turn their little pilot program into something big – something Joni and Jessica could do for a living, and something to make an impact on the kids in their community. After three days of intense discussion, laughter, tears, and work, they traveled home armed with not just the knowledge of how to grow their camp called Summer Quests, but with a two-year jump on the work to make it happen. 

    Report: January 2020 Launch Weekend

    Project:Camp came to Launch Weekend ready to dive deep into business models, forecasting, and programming to support their idea to help communities deliver pop-up camp experiences to communities with disruptive events – from teachers’ strikes to natural disasters. Mikey & Baila walked away ready to pitch to government agencies and partners, and had a team of volunteers and mentors ready to support them as they grew their volunteer network and development capacity.

    Don’t Start A Camp Alone!

    Starting a business is daunting, and the team at Camp Labs, and its network of mentors, is ready to support founders with expertise, hard skills, and connections. We develop lasting relationships with people who want to start camps. This isn’t some social-media click-bait content, it’s substantive, thoughtful, and dedicated to founders’ success and innovation. It’s all Camp Labs is set up to do. Let’s create new opportunities for kids – together!